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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

With 4 planets in cardinal signs, the focus is action.What about action? Those 4 planets are Jupiter, Pluto Sun and Mercury. Having Pluto involved points to transforming our actions. Jupiter is shining a brighter light even exaggerating the situation saying something needs to be done to our structure. The foundation to the old structures of Capricorn are crumbling. How do we emotionally and mentally come to terms with what is happening with the sun and moon swimming in Cancer's emotional seas. The moon being in Leo asks us what is the role we have been playing on the stage. All of this is on the table for review with 6 planets being retrograde. Our thoughts, love, joy, discipline, dreams and desires are being analyzed. If you're destined for something new, the sun square to Chiron says you need to forgive let go move forward. If you're finding the energy of change too much to bear, Saturn mars sextile promotes a focused drive that we can use on physical or creative outlets. Another outlet for this energy is connecting with the spiritual world. It can be a powerful experience with Neptune sextile Pluto. Are you going to shore up the old structure or do a scrap and rebuild? The choice is yours!



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