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With 2 days left in Leo season, the moon makes her way into Libra (the scales of balance).  The saying is Leos love to be the center of attention (there is more to Leo, but for this post let's stay with that).  Introducing Libra energy, it's one thing to be the center of attention it's another thing to hog all the shine.  Libra loves fairness and an even exchange.  All energy has shadows, one of Libra's is fear of offending others.  This is an honorable trait.  Libra is a cardinal sign the opposite of Aries.  There will be a point when Libra energy will get fed up and strike out the same way an Aries would.  It just takes them a lot longer to get there, but once there it’s just as fierce.  This also applies to Cancer and Capricorn being fellow cardinal signs.  Mercury has entered into Virgo paving the way for the Sun to follow.  Mercury rules Virgo, as well as Gemini.  It reacts differently in an earth sign than an air sign. While Mercury is in Virgo, thinking is clearer, more detailed and organized.  It can be a little too judgmental because of Virgo’s love of rules and thinking that there is a right and wrong to everything.  Your way is not their way.  There is no right or wrong.  As Trump stated, "It is what it is."



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