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Air vs Water

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? When it comes to transforming, what has to change first, thoughts or emotions? A good lawyer could present an intriguing argument for either side.Immovable emotional water vs hard headed air. Which one has to budge first? There is a meeting of the minds in masculine fixed air Aquarius. Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun have made their red-carpet entrance and have taken a seat at the table. When a sexy sultry seductive female comes in the room from the side door from the squaring position, everyone has to take notice. What pushes you to evolve, a change of mind or changing how you feel? Aquarius the need to embrace new and innovative ideas vs Scorpio the need to release/let go of past emotional pains and grudges to move forward in the present. Find the Aquarius Scorpio houses in your personal birth chart to figure out the area this is happening for you.



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