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Achieving Balance: Finding Temperance as a Big Fish in a Little Pond

It's funny how the universe works, a conversation the previous night about patience shows up the next morning in the spread in the form of temperance.


What is patience? It's the capacity to accept or tolerate delays, trouble, suffering and may I add someone without getting angry, anxious, upset or annoyed. How is your patience? Showing great patience for your fellow man is an honorable thing. Having lack of patience for bad behavior is just as honorable. You can have lack of patience’s for bad behavior and have patience’s to allow growth and change. Temperance is all so about balancing extreme emotions.

Knight of Wands

Not much good comes out of doing things at extreme levels, especially when you have unconscious repressed emotions that you are unaware is waiting to come out. How patient should you be with immaturity in adults? How patient should you be with someone who is hot headed, has a bad temper and loves to stir conflict?

4 of Swords

Like sands through an hourglass this too shall pass. You don't have to do anything, let karma get the last laugh.

4 of Pentacles

Big hearted people are generous with resources while small hearted people or stingy and feel they need to fight to keep what they perceive is theirs.

Relationships is a balance of two forces, but how can a relationship stay balanced if one force is about peace and the other is about war? God is pure love energy. Love doesn't put itself in a detrimental situation or with detrimental people. It's time to recognize when a big fish needs to leave a small pond.



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This article has expanded the definition of patience to me. Being able to gain knowledge on real life experiences always has me coming back to learn more information from you.

Paul Heath
Paul Heath
15 Kas 2023
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Grateful that it expanded your perspective

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