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I told myself that I would not say TGIF anymore because it diminishes the other 6 days of the week. You mean to tell me that the only days I have to look forward to is Friday? What would happen if you started treating everyday like it is Friday? What’s the difference between Monday and Friday? If you think about it, you probably do the exact same thing on both days. The only thing that has changed is the calendar date. What is stopping you from bringing a Friday attitude into a Monday or Wednesday? Programming! This COVID situation has shown me how deep the programming goes and how it runs our daily life. Lives are on the line, but I got to go to that bike rally, we got to play the season, we got to have the traditional dinner, you got to sit in that classroom, we got to have parades. Why? The date on the calendar says it’s time to do it. I will risk it all to stay on routine or programming because something different is too uncomfortable for me. I like being on autopilot. You may have heard of the big conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter coming up on the winter solstice. The Moon is in Leo in Opposition by degrees with Saturn and Jupiter. Leo is the childlike, creative, fun, fire energy of the zodiac. If I was to tell you we are beginning a new 20-year cycle, do you want to bring forward into this new cycle that which you have been doing (Saturn) or Do you want to go into a totally different direction taking what you know and expanding on it (Jupiter)? I recommend making friends with the squares and oppositions. Yes, they are points of tension but honestly at this point I have done enough readings and people watching to be straight out truthful with you guys. Most talk a good game but upon further review they are really some lazy Mother Fucker’s. Without the squares and oppositions, you won’t get off your lazy ass and do shit. I will say one thing everyone seems great at doing, complaining about the squares and oppositions.



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