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In astrology there are a few major configurations: the yod, grand trine, and t-square. There is also a very challenging configuration called a grand cross. The grand cross consists of 4 planets separated by 90 degrees in the same mode ( Cardinal,Fixed, Mutable). We have a grand cross in cardinal signs with the Moon vs Mars and Mercury vs Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto.Cardinal energy enjoys getting things started, problem here is we have a 4 way tug-of-war all pulling in opposite directions. Our thoughts are on our family’s safety pulling against the deep societal transformation taking place. We also have the emotional tug-of-war of me vs us with the Moon and Mars. If you examine the times, everyone is itching to get back out there, but is it really safe? I need to make money, but I'm also no good to my family if I’m sick or dead. What am I going to do for money? Do I have to find something else to do? How will this affect my living situation? Although all of this is challenging, there is a silver lining. You are not alone having to deal with this. You have a whole country dealing with the same thing. That should be a little comforting. After all, misery loves company. 



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