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It's hard to stay positive when you're facing hard times.  It's not something you do, it's a skill you acquire.  Like all other skills acquired, you have to work at it.  Having a positive outlook takes shifting your thought processes.  When there is a Full Moon, it's a time when something needs to be acknowledged, shifted, or ended.  Venus (relationship) is making a direct challenge to Saturn (structure), calling him out.  People mistakenly take Venus as just this artistic, pleasurable energy, but the other side is the warrior goddess.  In other words, there is nothing like a pissed off woman.  We tend to push our needs on others, whereas the Moon’s sesquisquare to Venus will push people to say, “I have had enough!”  Then strolls in the Full Moon in opposition to the Virgo ego analyzing the situation saying,”You need to take a step back, and look at your circle of relationships. You are looking for who is really holding you down with good intentions.”  You should look in your circle for things that represent true Piscean energy:

Who is non-judgemental? 

Who is compassionate? Who has a daily spiritual practice (meditation and self care)? Who has a positive outlook? Who is open and welcomes change? After all "Birds of a feather flock together!"-William Turner


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