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We begin the weekend with the Moon in Taurus. Taurus rules the 5 senses. To really appreciate the 5 senses, you need to feel. It’s because of the Moon that coffee tastes so good in the morning, your favorite shirt feels good, the sunset is so beautiful, and that song is your jam. Hopefully you can unplug long enough from the stress of the world for you to enjoy some aspects of your 5 senses. The Moon’s trine with Venus, (the ruler of Taurus) adds extra seasoning. While the Moon’s trine with Pluto adds intensity to the weekend stew you have cooking up. If adventure is what you’re looking for, The Mars Jupiter square infuses you with extra energy and confidence. This energy can be channeled to conquer all obstacles in your path. This is good energy for a friendly competition or finally being brave enough to step out towards your true desires. If there is something you have been fearful of doing, do it now. Aquarius is an erratic unpredictable shocking type of energy. How or what can you do today that would make the ones who know you best say, “Wow! I never expected THAT out of YOU.”



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