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2nd House Profections Year

To begin, I have a group of friends I ran with in college. We all used to meet up for the 2 o’clock session. Fast forward 30 years, this same group of friends meet up now via a group text. I had an issue this summer that I took offense with one of the members. Words went back and forth. It's cool now but under further review, I was the one at fault. They say it takes a mentally and emotionally secure person to admit when they are wrong. I was wrong and I’m big enough to come on here and say “Money” Mr. West you were right, and I was wrong. I took his words as an insult. We have already peaced it up, but recent events brought all of that back to my attention. What were the words that led to a verbal battle? I sent a picture of myself to the group, who I forgot likes to tell jokes. I really wasn’t in the joking space at the time he said, “You look like you checked out and off the grid somewhere.” Yes, I know you may be thinking that is nothing to get upset over. When you are in your first house annual profections year you may understand why I got upset. To understand that you need to know what a profections year is. The simple definition is an annual advancing. From the day you're born you advance or progress every year. How you are handling that advancement is another story. Your sun progresses 1 degree a year. While that is taking place the topics (House) of your life advance by one house or sign a year as well. Just knowing someone’s age you know a general topic or theme for that year. At the time of the comment, I was on a first house profections year.

The first house is the I am house, the house of the self. I was in rebuild mode while someone was throwing stones from the nosebleed seats at my glass house at the time. I took his comments like I said, “fuck it, I give up,” which I didn’t I actually got to work. I have to admit the picture did appear as if I had been up on a mountain chilling in a cave for a few weeks. I did go into a cave not physically but during the beginning of COVID I sat in my cave at home working. I even told you guys about it on episode 12 Level Up. I said on that episode you should use the time to level yourself up to be in a different space coming out of COVID. It may not look pretty, hence the comments but if done right it can lead to shocking results. My first house year is over now I have moved on to a second house profections year.

The second house in astrology covers the topics of values and security systems. The topics will come to the forefront for me this current year. Two other comments were made to me this week which left me pondering for days. The first comment was a millionaire looked at me and said, “The reason you’re not a millionaire is because you chose happiness.” This was a profound statement which had me thinking for days. Is it possible to have the money and happiness at the same time? I started asking a few people their thoughts on the subject. Around the same time, I sent a different picture to the same group. The response I received was different then the first group picture response. This time I received “Looks like you found your happiness.” This sent the thought train down the tracks even further.

What is more valuable, happiness or millions? Most of the millionaires I know on appearance seem healthy even exercise but are on some type of blood pressure or other meds. Yes, they can go out and buy anything they choose but you’re paying for that item with more than just money. Another observation I made is most millionaires dislike what they have to do to make that money. The problem is they are addicted to the lifestyle. Look at this house. Look at this car. Look at these clothes. I like this stuff. I don’t want to lose these objects. It’s not like I am walking around saying to people I am happy. What is it about me that is saying to them he is happy? Energy is an inside out game. Although not verbally walking around proclaiming my level of happiness, what I am feeling is resonating outwardly which can be felt by others. I recently told someone you need to get into a space where you can be happy living in a tent by the beach or in a big mansion in the hills. Your happiness should not depend on your physical location or the things you have or don’t have. I also asked,” If money was not a problem, what would you wake up and do every day?” I know your mind just went wild on bucket list type adventures. When the adventure is over you still need to wake up and do something. What would that something be?

For me, I’m pretty sure I would be looking at some astrology charts and learning more techniques. I went into my cave during this COVID and did that very thing. The more I am interacting with the public, I am finding out that my time spent away learning and leveling up has more value than even I put on it. I beefed up my website, changed my presentation, and added a new type of content in the form of a daily horoscope. Turns out the things I learned to do on my own, others pay to get other people to do for them. I acquired a few skills that I can sell as a service to others. There is more than one type of prison. We know the prison with the bars and armed guards. The other is prison is a prisoner to the lifestyle.

These people are so afraid to lose the objects the money has bought them; they will take meds and risk illness to keep it. I used to go to sleep because that seemed like the only place I could escape the pressures of the world. I now sleep a lot less because I’m not trying to escape, I’m trying to recharge. When you’re doing something you enjoy, you can’t wait to get to it the next day; not get as far away as possible from it. I’m glad I chose the happiness route because I enjoy waking up and receiving payment for something I still do for free if you catch me at the right time. I have a roof over my head, I’m not hungry or naked. What else do I really need?



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