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9th House Stellium

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I was in court for a traffic ticket. While sitting around waiting for paper work, I had a brief conversation with a probation officer. I asked if she liked the job she replied it’s a job. I then asked what are the qualification to be a probation officer? She replied you need to have a bachelors degree. What was your major? Criminal Justice! You always wanted to be a probation officer? No I thought about being a Lawyer as well I’m currently in now getting my masters degree I may go to law school afterwards. Are you a Sagittarius? No a Capricorn why do you ask? Because I am an astrologer sometimes when talking to people I feel like a sign energy. But just because you are a Capricorn sun does’t mean you don’t have any Sag in your chart. Let’s see!

She has 4 planets (Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune) all siting in the 9th house. Why is this significant? Because Sagittarius represents the 9th house. The energy I was picking up off her was her 9th house Stellium it just happened to be expressed through Capricorn energy. What is Capricorn (Government authority structure)? A Probation is government and she is doing the Capricorn thing climbing the mountain. Lawyer is also dealing with government but with the 9th house energy she stands for truth. One other thing that stood out to me is she has Saturn in Aquarius (Freedom loving) in her 10th house of work and career. One of the things she said was she eventually wants to have her own business. Even she respects authority and structure (Capricorn) she really wants to do her own thing (Aquarius). To Achieve that she will need to find balance between her Leo moon and Aquarius Saturn which may not be easy they are opposite signs of each other. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!



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