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Today’s ride of the day asked to be chosen, we even took a picture together (my first with a ride of the day). To begin with it’s not a surprise that astrology interests her because she is a double Aquarius (rising and moon) with a Pisces sun. Aquarius rules astrology which is the opposite sign of Leo (her mom). She asked me how did I like driving because she does it 1 day a week because she has her own business. Aquarius is freedom loving. I find people with Aquarius energy like to do their own thing. What type of business? home health care for Alzheimer’s patients (Pisces). Pisces people can be a healing energy you can find Pisces not only as artist but in healthcare. Pisces also rules confined spaces taking care of people inside their home is a confined space.

She has 2 Aries in her life her father and 1 of her 3 kids. Her other kids are Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Scorpio stands out because her Pluto (Karma lesson) is in the scorpio ruled 8th house but in the sign of Virgo. The Sagittarius also stands out because her Saturn and North Node are both in the same sign and house the 3rd. The 3rd house is ruled by Gemini which is the opposite sign of Sagittarius. One thing about Sagittarius in a conversation they let it fly talking wise but they can have a problem listening. With Her Saturn (life lesson) and North Node (Soul lesson) both in the house of communication I can see why the universe gifted her a talker. Before I leave Gemini her ex and father to her 3 kids just happens to be a Gemini (The house placement of Saturn and North Node).

Lastly I began the 2nd paragraph saying she had 2 Aries in her life. When I see someone’s Saturn and North Node together it’s like the mission is double important. So not only is her father an Aries but she has an Aries son. She has been living around an Aries all her life. The energy she most need to learn but where does she need to learn to use this energy? In the way she communicates with people. When helping people try to understand Aries energy I use the movie The 300 or Troy. Leonidas and the 300 or Achilles in Troy is a good representation of Aries energy. Having your own business you need access to this energy or your people will run all over you which we talked about. If she looks to her moon (Emotional body) even though it is Aquarius (Detachment) it sits in the Aries ruled 1st house. From now on I hope you activate your in warrior before you have that conversation I am sure you will find it to helpful to finding that balance.



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