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Beauty In Power

Ok I know i’m extremely late to the whole Frozen movie thing but I actually just saw it for the first time. After I saw the movie I made a few comments about what I actually saw. My observation didn’t really go over to well because quote “Its a kids movie.” To start off with some of the reason I’m writing this is because my disciplinarian (Saturn placement) is in Gemini. So I am doing my frozen thing. With that being said, what is the frozen thing? I said that the movie was all about Saturn, north node (soul lesson) and how the stage was set early in life. Now grab the popcorn.

I feel that parents can parent from their insecurities. I had a ride of the day I wrote about this Libra guy whose Saturn was in Aries and we talked about how he tries to get his kid to tone it down when in fact he is the one that was learning to pump up the volume on aggression. His son was actually showing him the way. Back to the movie, this girl had some powers and had a accident playing around with the sister. The parents freaked out. That’s usually how it goes down in real life. It may not be a parent it could be any incident but usually there is a running theme.

The parents take them to the trolls to get fixed up and here’s where the Saturn and north node comes in. This girl knows she got some powers (Yes I know I said disciplinarian in the first paragraph and now referring Saturn to Powers but it’s actually both) which are not normal and then they scare the shit out of her. This King troll tells her “There is beauty in power but also great danger. You must learn to control it. Fear will be your enemy.” Thats some heavy stuff for that little girl to hear then her parents hid her away from the world to further exacerbate the situation.

We all have powers but something early on in life made us hide it from the world. Like the troll said fear can be our enemy. He said Learn to control it twice. Was he meaning controlling the powers or the fear? or both? I believe he meant both and that is why I gave Saturn both titles. If you fear to even look at your power you will never learn to control it. Controlling your power can be a beautiful thing we see people doing it all the time. I started doing it writing these blogs. I once feared what I had to say. Why? Because early in life I got in trouble a lot for things I said (Saturn in Gemini). I stopped saying things at all.

Lastly, I mentioned north node so where does that come into play? Well if that is our soul mission you will never see that if you don’t have that Saturn battle. When she finally faced the fear of having that power then learned to control it she was able to embrace her north node. What was that? One of the last things she said in the movie was “I like the open gates we will never close them again. Who closed the gates? Her parents fear! The curse they feared was actually her gift. My north node? Maybe you can guess mine.



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