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How Much Longer

I used to work with this woman a long time ago, in my first “corporate” job. She came to me for a reading. Back when we worked together, she was very eccentric and a little dramatic, after reading her chart I find out it’s because she’s Leo rising AND happens to have Uranus on her ascendant. What stood out the most from this reading is that I remember years ago when we worked together she used to always complain at work about her alcoholic husband. I find out he’s an Aquarius, which is her 7th house. I also find out from her that she used to be very crazy, party girl style, drive after drinking, partying every other day back in her early 20s. I can see this in her 5th house in Sag. Sag energy likes to party and 5th house is all about fun. Turns out when she met her husband he’s the one that makes her settle down. She’s got Saturn in her 5th house (authority, discipline). Saturn also happens to be the traditional ruler of Aquarius, her husbands Sun sign. Her husband has one daughter, a Sag. Which lands on this lady’s 5th house, however, she NEVER bore any children herself. Could it be Saturn in the 5th? Now her main question to me throughout her whole reading is, when will my husband pass on? She’s tired of his drinking and alcoholism and prays for his death every night. Maybe she’s tired of Saturns blockage on her JOY and HAPPINESS (5th house). Or perhaps she is wanting to find FREEDOM (7th house Aquarius) in her relationship. Her North Node in Scorpio is in her 4th house (family). Her feelings are extreme when it comes to her deep bonds aka her husband. Pluto in the 1st could also be an indicator of her wanting her husband dead already, making her prioritize how SHE feels. I found it interesting she’s got Chiron the wounded healer in her 7th house Aquarius, basically her husband found her, she “healed” him (she mentioned he had a traumatic childhood), yet she stays wounded by him. Another thing she asked is how she could harness her psychic abilities. I found it funny considering she has Sun + Mercury + Venus in Pisces in the 8th house (ruling mediumship). Yet again, Saturn is squaring her Sun maybe making it difficult for her to find her Center.



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