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Can't Refuse This Offer

I had many different types of riders from all over the world but this is the first time I was up and close to a Buddhist robe and all. I ask what’s up with the robe? I am a Buddhist Monk. I am curious about different belief systems what actually is a Buddhist. He said I can not answer that. Why? That is the wrong question I can not tell you what a buddhist is. What is the right question? What has Buddhism done for me! OK what has buddhism done for you? He starts telling me about peace within, how you treat people, and balance plus a few other things. I said interesting I talk about peace within even made a shirt and the way to do that is to know thyself and balance. Now I’m curious to know this guy’s sun sign I was thinking Sagittarius beliefs and him being a monk. He didn't know the exact day of birth because they didn’t keep good records but the date be believed he would be a Scorpio. He asked me about Scorpio energy I explained then that’s when the conversation really got good.

I spoke about Scorpio being fixed water. I said Scorpio people do not like liars that is when he stopped me. He said I once had a friend who lied to me I broke off the friendship and it has been 7 years now. I said wait a minute you just told me about all this peace love and balance and this buddhist monk is telling me a story about how he held a grudge? How do you square that with your teachings? I pulled up at his destination at this moment and that is when he made an offer I couldn’t refuse. This Monk asked if I would like to come inside for some tea? Oh wow! Who really gets to sit down with a Monk so I said sure.

Once inside I refused the tea I had a cup of coffee already so I pulled up the date he thought he was born. The outer planets move slower so some of the placements should be close. This guy is in the middle of his saturn return. His saturn is in Capricorn. I start explaining saturn return and what it means in the sign of Capricorn. As I am talking I can feel the detective Scorpio energy coming out he is looking at the glyphs and signs asking me what everything meant. He asked about Mars which his was Gemini. I explained that his warrior is ignited in communication and new information. He asked what does Jupiter in Leo mean? I explained how he expands when he gets attention. He asked about North node being in Aquarius I explained that one well because I share this placement with him.

How does this all come together you ask? This monk was returning from a Buddhist conference. While at this conference He was given an opportunity to share his ideas. His ideas are not the normal things someone would come up with (North node In Aquarius). even though he was hesitant the people liked his idea and he was praised (Jupiter in Leo). I asked how did that make you feel? he said good I liked that. Now with ideas like this he is being looked at to take more of a leadership role (Saturn Return in Capricorn) now he needs to decide if he wants it.

Lastly, at one point during the conversation I had this thought. Wait a minute this guy is a Buddhist monk he is in school now getting a masters degree in Buddhism he should be talking to me not the other way around. After I left I was wondering why would he want to know more about astrology? I even asked how would others in his faith receive astrology. I figure it’s his Scorpio sun. Scorpio rules the shadow side the occult knowledge dark arts the taboo. His mars being Gemini he was hearing new information. I also chalked it up to his North node being Aquarius. Aquarius rules astrology!



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