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The Numbers Are In

Have you ever had a task to do and get so caught up in the details that you don’t see the big picture progress? What usually happens someone stops you and makes you step back and look up. At this moment you actually can see the big picture progress. This recently happened to me I thought I was just driving around having conversations with people but in fact something else was happening. I put many different reason on why I had the conversations it makes the rides go by quicker, it’s material for my ride of the day, paying bills, etc. but in fact I was putting up numbers. I had read a lot of books soaked up huge amounts of material but there is a difference between having information and using that information. I can read a manual on how to fly a plane and know it from cover to cover but at some point you have to get in the cock pit and fly that plane. One thing you will notice the first time you try to fly that plane everything doesn’t actually go how the manual said it would. The more you fly that plane you will notice different nuances in maneuvering that plane. Turns out I read the manuals but I actually needed to fly a plane.

I had a rider recently who stopped my progress and made me look up and he was a scientist. What do scientist like? Numbers! So he started asking me number questions turns out I have done well over 1,000 free readings. He says you know what we call that in the science community? A very large case study. Mind you this is after I gave him a free reading. He says your really good with this why aren’t you out there doing it. I just started last year I’m trying to get it out there but while I work on that I drive. I said plus when I first started driving I had never did that many readings just friends and family but never a total stranger. Atlanta is a unique city. One of the biggest airports in the world and diverse community. As I type this up, I had a thought, I have gave a reading to someone who was born on every continent in the world. I have never been out of the United States, body wise, but I have traveled around this world through other people’s experiences. What have I learned from all these travels? First, how to give a short reading or long reading. I only have so many minutes to the destination, most of my bigger tips come from the longer rides I guess I’m able to give them more info. Second, it didn’t matter what faith system they prescribed to it still fit them. How can someone who you never met in your life have you getting out the car saying damn it feels like you know me. Yes I have had plenty of tears. Validation is a powerful thing!

Lastly, How did all this come to a head this week? I had a ride with 3 females. The loud one, the quiet one and the inquisitive one who wanted to know. Of course, the loud one didn’t believe so she tried distraction and talking over tactics. At the end of the ride she made a comment that stood out to me and everything I have talked about sums up why it came across this way. “ Hey you were really on point I feel like you validated some things for me but I’m really impressed on how confident you are in the things you are saying.” Even though I had a loud ass hater throwing stones as I talked I was not thrown off my game I kept shooting my shot making buckets.



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