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Pharmaceutical COO

I gave a 73 year old COO of a pharmaceutical company a ride to the airport heading to 2 US cities then to Canada. This guy has traveled all over the world selling drugs. He is a Molecular Biologist and has a Law Degree. It was interesting to me that this guy was a liberal. The reason it came up because after telling me what he did for a living I made a joke that according to what I hear you are the reason my healthcare is so high. This guy was in Healthcare for all camp even mention that how every other industrial country around the globe does it. When I have scientist and biologist my favorite subject to ask them about is Epigenetics. Most are shocked that I even know about it but I like to hear their views. I guess I’m taking my own poll on the subject. Then it got interesting when He asked me what I did and my response was I’m an astrologer. Then he said I am a Aries but long time ago I took some course in college I don’t remember what it was and then He said his info as if for me to pull him up so I did.

Before I pulled his chart I asked mom, dad,siblings, spouse and kids if any signs. I didn’t really get to ask him a lot of questions about his family but his mother and wife are cancers (Saturn and Mars) In his chart. His father (Libra) is his descendant I would have liked to dive into their relationship. His mercury is in Pisces in the 12th house he sells drugs to hospitals and pharmacies which is Pisces energy. His Venus is in Taurus in the 2nd house which is the sign and house it rules. Venus is what and how we love. He is a lover of nice things and to have nice things You need some status. His Mid-Heaven is Capricorn he didn’t start the company he rose up through the company which takes Loyalty (Leo Fixed Fire Moon). Fixed signs can be loyal. Plus his jupiter is in Libra in the 7th of partnerships. His expansion happens when he partners with people. Pisces energy likes to partner with power. They like power but don’t want to be the face of it. I find it interesting with mercury in Pisces that he stopped at COO of the company.

Our conversation first started when he got in the car I said to the airport and he said unfortunately yes. Which lead to his many travels around the globe. With Saturn and Pluto currently in his 10th house of career, I think when Saturn leaves he will retire because of the unfortunately yes. His south node (Our comfortable past energy) is in Sagittarius which is the traveler. If he is still traveling at 73 I guess he may still be in that energy. I did pick him up from a very nice house why isn’t his ass retired by now anyway?Sagittarius rules higher learning and belief systems. He was all in his south node, he said when he was a kid his nickname was “the walking encyclopedia.” I have found people with a lot of Sagittarius energy or a few planets in the 9th house have multiple degrees. Also Gemini and Sagittarius are natural salesman and he travels around trying to convince people to by drugs from his company.

It is very interesting talking to someone that is in their later years about their chart. They have lived a lifetime already and can really reflect on their evolution or lack there of. I explained North Node Gemini (Uncomfortable Evolution) to him then asked him how does he think he is doing with it? He said “later on in life I have learned to listen more.” I said well being a Aries Rising and a Aries Sun and the nick name walking encyclopedia you probably thought you knew it all and got into a lot of arguments. He agreed in the past but now he is open and listens to all types of pod cast and different types of information. Uranus in 3rd house gathering info on strange and unusual topics.

Lastly,Why is he still working and traveling at 73? I call Saturn the blocker and with it sitting in his 4th house of Cancer which rules home family and roots could be that reason. The 4th is opposite the 10th work is blocking him staying home. We talked about a few other things but before the ride the Molecular biologist asked the astrologer “ I once wondered how does astrology work?” I said Do you follow some type of faith? Yes! Ok follow me now. If you was God do you think you would feel like personally placing different personalities in every person born or would you rather be doing other God stuff? He said probably other God stuff. If you was God and wanted to make a baby making machine what would you use? I don’t know. The planets! Why the planets? Because they are constantly in motion which means even twins will be slightly different. What controls high tide and low tide in the ocean? He said the moon. I said what is the human body made up of his said 85% water. I said you mean to tell me the moon can have an effect on that big ass ocean but have no effect on something that is made up of 85% water? he said you have a point sir. I have been all over the world but this has been this most fascinating ride I have ever received. You are one interesting knowledge young man good luck to you in you endeavors your good with what you do.



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