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Meaningful Coincidence

She got in the car picked up my flier read it then put it back. Being that she was of Indian decent and I know astrology is huge in her culture I ask if she knew her 3 majors. She said no my family was not into it which surprised me. I said something about the Hindu religion then she states she was not Hindu she was actually Catholic. Now this was odd to me I have met a lot of Indian people since doing ride share, a Catholic from India was new. According to her they are like 2% of the country in the southern part. She said that is where St. Thomas went when he left to preach. But then she states she doesn’t follow any of that stuff. She was a Gemini I ask if she wanted me to look her up, in true Gemini fashion she is curious now about some new information. Now here is why this was the ride of the day.

She is a 29 year old Aquarius rising with her Saturn (life lesson) in Capricorn in the 12th (Pisces) house. With all that air I actually know why she doesn’t follow all that stuff. When someone with extreme air looks at beliefs systems, things just don’t add up. She worked in IT which is scientific (Aquarius). That pretty much is the disconnect between the spiritual and the scientific communities, each side has a problem with bridging the gap. With out knowing the houses just the signs I would have asked her if something was going on work related. She is in the middle of her saturn return which is in Capricorn but I didn’t have to ask because she said earlier that her work visa was not renewed and she was trying to figure out what to do about it. Throw that into the 12th house. Her Saturn is exact and she gets a ride to work with and astrologer.

The astrologer she gets a ride with has a Pisces midheaven and is currently working on his 12th house annual profection year. The average newspaper horoscope reader thinks astrology is just people throwing stuff out there. Its actually a science angles, degrees, timing, movement, symbols. Astrology is where the spiritual and the scientific comes together. A really good astrologer needs to have access to both. All those things listed above tell a story it’s like a lock with no key. You need the combination to open it. The combination lies in the spiritual without the ability to marry the 2 you will never open the lock.

I tell her a few things about her chart. I also tell her that if she goes to a vedic astrologer be aware her signs may change by 1 sign. When she got out the car she took a flier of something she didn’t believe in with her. I rolled down the window and said google the word synchronicity. I may not believe in night time it does’t mean that the darkness doesn’t apply to me. Funny side note, my mom is like super Catholic sent her boys to Catholic schools and all that. If one of us turned out to be a Priest that probably would have made her day. In the Indian community astrologers are looked at on the level of a Priest or holy man of some type. When I speak to you about your chart, I am not talking to you I am talking to your soul. My mother got her Priest in the family, It’s just in a foreign land (north node 9th house).



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