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Happy Birthday Pop!

I haven’t looked at my dad’s chart since early in my astrology studies. After thousands of rides talking to hundreds of people about their chart, I pulled my dads chart up being today is his birthday and here is what I found. They say kids are here to push their parents to evolve. Knowing what I know now, I see why the universe put me in my father’s life.

First thing that jumped out is his intercepted sign in the12th house and 6th house. A intercepted sign/ house means in your early life the conditions prevented you from developing the areas the house/sign represents. This jumped out to me be because the 12th house is ruled by Pisces (My Brother’s Sun) and the 6th house is ruled by Virgo (My Sun). What does this mean? Through my brother and myself my dad was learning These 2 house lessons.

Kids display their rising sign energy until teenage then they discover their ego (Sun sign) and start moving towards that energy. My dad’s saturn (Life Lesson) was in Gemini. I am a Gemini rising. Our south node is the energy we are born knowing and our comfort zone. The north node is the energy our soul is here to move towards. My dad is a Leo north node I am a Leo south node. I know, what does all this mean? It means as a kid the energy I displayed naturally Gemini/Leo was my dad’s life and soul lesson.

Your descendant (7th house) sign cusp is the sign you can get along good with in a relationship but the 5th house is the sign of love relationships. My mother is a Scorpio sun /Virgo moon his 7th and 5th house cusps. My mom’s Mercury (Thinking and communicating) is in Sagittarius which is the opposite sign of Gemini. They definitely had different styles of communication.

My father has a 4 and 3 planet stellium (large concentration of energy in 1 house or sign) in his chart. My brother has the same 4 planet stellium in his chart and I have the same 3 planet stellium in my chart and it’s in the same house as my dads. My brother’s stellium is in the same house as my dad’s north node and the sign of his intercepted sign house (Pisces).

But wait there is more. My dad has 2 interception. I told you about the 1st but the 2nd is a intercepted house in the Gemini/Sagittarius sign axis in the 2nd (Ruled byTaurus) and 8th (ruled by Scorpio) house axis. My brother is a Scorpio rising so my brother helped him with the house aspect. My south node is in the 3rd (Gemini) house and my north node is in the 9th (Sag) house with my Mars. I was helping with the sign axis.

With all that being said, What did I get out of looking at my father’s chart on his birthday a few week’s from the 2nd anniversary of his passing? It is now clear to me why I was put in this man’s life. People think we are just thrown down here to just stumble through life but that’s just not the case. There is a divine reason you are born to who you are born to in the situation’s and circumstances we are. There is something we all as individual souls need to take and learn from that experience. I know what you are thinking even the bad stuff? Is it bad or is it an opportunity? That is where free will steps in! Red Pill or Blue Pill? HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP! I FEEL BLESSED TO HAVE SHARED THIS SPACE IN TIME WITH YOU!



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