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I Have A Idea

My north node is in Aquarius. I read this passage a couple of years ago but after today’s ride of the day it sent me looking to reread it. Being totally honest with you I read all this stuff, I kind of understand the concepts but what does that really mean? “Innovative ideas floating in the air?” Antennae? Pick up and Transmit? all that sounds good but when trying to picture that it seems kind of crazy. Imagining a big satellite dish sitting on my head with ideas floating through the air like clouds in the sky. My gift is my dish can tune into those clouds huh. When I paint the picture like that it looks and sounds crazy. Here it what it really means.

This guy and wife got into the car they were from Venezuela. The guy starts peppering me with questions about ride share. Do I like it? How much I can make? Time? etc. Then he goes into he wants to have his own business blah blah blah. I ask what type of business? I don’t know I just want to do my own thing. Dude you have to decide what you want to do before you can start a business. What do you enjoy doing that once you get into it you may forget to eat thats how much you like it? Law, I am a Lawyer in my country but here I have to start all over. So you like law but you can not practice here in America and you would like to have your own business? Yes!

There is a large hispanic community here in Atlanta and Atlanta has a lot of law firms. I am sure one of these firms could use someone like yourself who loves law and understands it enough to translate for their hispanic clients. You could start a company as a legal translator. If you don’t like that route maybe you can try to get hired by one of these firms as a translator. You never know they may even like you so much they put you through school here. WOW MAN! THAT IS A GREAT IDEA! I had no attachment to the idea. I can’t use it I have to give them away. This is what the passage truly means.



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