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The last ride of the day was the best ride of the day. I picked this young lady up I noticed she was going to the local metaphysics store. I have been there a few times so I know what they have in there. So I ask what is she going there to shop for? Crystals! Oh wow I been wanting to get me one but I really don’t know that much about them but I have gotten a few astrology books from that place. Have you ever had a reading there? No! Why not? I guess I don’t really believe in that. But you believe in the energy of the crystals? Yes I can feel it. When is your birthday? Pisces yeah that makes sense you being into crystals and saying you can feel it. Turns out She is a Taurus rising Aries moon Pisces sun. She is also 29 in the middle of her Saturn return and talked about having a new boss that she really doesn’t like and can’t get along with. Being that your a Taurus rising you can get stuck in comfort in which that job was until the new boss arrived. The universe knows you will not move on your own, so your getting pushed. Your saturn is in Capricorn which tells me your return is work related. It just maybe time to go. We share something in common we both have our north node in Aquarius. Who knows that your into crystals? No one really I have been called crazy by my step mom and family. I only talk to the people at the store about it. How do you feel when you have those conversations? Great, I really enjoy it. Pretty much as Aquarius north node you have to get comfortable with your weirdness. Learn to not care what others think. Just because you was born to a tribe don’t mean you have to stay with that tribe. You need to find your own tribe where you can be you. But first you have to be you and be ok with being you before you can find it. Once you let your true light shine, You will attract your tribe. Hey it’s important for Aquarius north node people to remember this “ what others think of you is none of your business!” How do you think I feel sharing this astrology with you which before I begun you said you didn’t believe in? Good? Let me show you how it feels. For repayment for this reading I just gave you lets go into this store and you pick out a crystal for me. When we walked in workers called her by name which I found odd that she has never received a reading from anybody in there. After I bought the crystals I turned and asked how does it feel to share your crystal knowledge? GREAT! with a huge smile. FIND YOUR TRIBE!

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