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Second Chance

This was the first of 2 rides that kind of go together. Both people are at the same points but different ends of the time. This guy was in his 2nd Saturn return just turning 59 years old Saturn in Capricorn. I found it interesting his sun moon and mercury are in Pisces ( confined spaces-hospitals/Prison) his first saturn return was while imprisoned for drugs another Pisces thing. This is where he made the decision to turn his life around. Now at the age of 59 facing his 2nd saturn return what is up with this now high school history teacher? He wants to start his own ministry. He has hit his 2nd fork in the road. Is he going to turn his life around once again? He didn’t know his time but my intuition is telling me he is a Cancer rising being that his mom is a Cancer. It would make sense history (Cancer) that would put his sun in the 9th house (higher learning) the house of teachers. Pisces is a spiritual sign and 9th house can be higher learning and beliefs. To me his fork in the road is switching from one side of 9th house to the other. Ministry is still teaching but it’s teaching a belief a philosophy of life. His mars in Aquarius (warrior) is ignited by his Aquarius daughter and he is exposed to his Lilith in Gemini with his Gemini wife. He can have his ministry when he decides that is his goal (Saturn in Capricorn ) then embrace his north node (soul lesson) in Virgo which is the opposite sign of Pisces. What does this mean? Bring his dreams out the dream world (Pisces) to the earth plain (Virgo) which will take a daily routine of mutable earth which will nurture his dream to fruition. By the way he didn’t believe in astrology but he sure took my flier when exiting the car, which I also found interesting.



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