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Fork In Road

The 2nd rider was at her first Saturn return at the age of 30. What really fascinated me was she was getting a ride because of head aches which she said she had since turning the age of 15. She had to be put on meds but the meds caused other problems so she had to get off them. After hearing that I just had to ask her birthday, turns out another Pisces with a Sagittarius moon and a Sag mother. She also didn’t know her time but I have heard that kids are their rising sign until they become teens. When we hit our teens our ego (sun sign) starts to become more present. This is what actually Intrigued me that the headaches started in her teens. With a north node in Pisces (Her sun) could the reason for the headaches be denial of her Pisces? As we were talking and I told her Virgo is the opposite of Pisces she realizes that all her ex’s and her current boyfriend are all Virgo’s. Could these guys be keeping her captive in her Virgo comfort zone (South Node)? She does marketing for some company which is a representation of her sun and moon sign. Spreading a message (Sagittarius) through the use of pictures (Pisces) but this is her side job. I actually dropped her off at her real job some corporate office. Did I drop her off there because of her Stellium (4 planets) in Capricorn? Capricorn can be corporate! Why is the corporate job her real job and the Pisces/Sagittarius job her side hustle? Is this her fork in the road? She really didn’t want to go to the job today I even asked if she wanted me to turn around when we had just left the house. I said our bodies try to send us messages a lot of people ignore those signals until it’s to late. To depress something means to push down. When you push down your natural energy it turns to symptoms in our body and depression. By the way, one of the planets in that Stellium is Neptune (Illusions), can this be making her delusional about her right career path? I bet her Virgo boyfriend says stay corporate.


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