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Progressed Leo

I know for some of my early followers this is the type of post they would see. Daily walks with no picture. Slowly I started working my picture into with my dog. This is actually different for me. For years on social media I never would post pics of myself it would be mostly articles and politics. Why the change? Maybe it has something to do with my progressed chart. I am currently 1 degree Leo rising with my moon in the 1st house (self). Leo’s love to be seen and be the center of attention. The 1st house is the house of self. I am putting myself out there more than ever. Ride of the day post, promoting myself more and even did a few videos for the first time. Last year If you asked I would have said no way to doing videos. I even once went on live and had random people ask me about their chart. I never realized it until I sat down to type up today’s blog the Leo influence creeping. Honestly, This wasn’t suppose to be the topic. I was going to talk about how even though you haven’t seen me post any walking pics the work still is going on. How we are all a work in progress and how reading a book called the Missing Element by Debra Silverman @debrasilverman_astrology got me working on balancing my energy. How I took her elements test where I scored a 9 on air and a 3 on fire water and earth. How in this picture I was working on all 3 of my lower energies. The walking (fire) outside (earth) walking with dogs (water). What have I been doing about the air you ask at 9? Well that is where the ride of the day comes from. Instead of having all these astrology thoughts just swirling around in my head I am releasing the excess air through writing. I don’t want you to think it just took those things to get my elements balanced but that was the basic starting point. By the way I am feeling lighter literally and figuratively by 40lbs and the weight has been staying off. No I am not on any particular diet and I pretty much eat what I feel like eating (as of right now).


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