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She Has Risen

Being that today is Easter it seems fitting that this is the ride of the day. I received these text it was a lot more said but I cut out the reason for the post. Everyone is celebrating that he has risen but I am celebrating that she has risen. Why do I end my blogs and post with know thyself and balance your energy? Because of the feelings she is expressing when she finally started accepted herself. Me as the astrologer just introduced her to herself which is the first step in accepting it which kind of took a minute. Part of that is breaking out of programming and seeing the plan for what it is. We live in a 360 circle, when standing in the center it’s hard to see story playing out. I try to take you out the circle show you the whole circle then place you back in the circle. The clarity she speaks of is she finally has a understanding of the circle she is living in. Now she can take that new found clarity back into the circle with a new perspective and new skills. This is where the balance your energy comes into play. Astrology is not passive just sit back let shit just happen. Its actually active you have to put in the work. Just coming to grips with Sun Moon Rising is a lot, once you start throwing the other planets in the mix now you have a gumbo of energy to navigate through but the first step is you have to know about them. I personally feel that we are suppose to rise above our charts but thats another post. WWJD is the popular saying but WWUD should be the more popular saying. It’s not about him it’s about you. That is why I titled it SHE HAS RISEN people can get caught up in other people’s crosses to carry. We all have our own cross to carry. It’s just a much enjoyable and acceptable ride when you know what where and why your carrying that actual cross. When you put in the work that cross can become as light as a feather. Lastly, she has the sun mercury venus sitting on top of (conjunct) her rising sign Cancer (feelings). From the text you can see she expressed how it made her feel. She also mention me and a preacher in the same sentence. My midheaven is Pisces the statement really stood out to me because of the person at the BBQ. If your curious who that person is it’s the blog called Just Like Me has a BBQ pitt on picture.



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