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All signs has an opposite: (Aries-Libra) (Taurus-Scorpio) (Gemini-Sagittarius) (Cancer-Capricorn) (Leo-Aquarius) (Virgo-Pisces). It’s interesting to see when someone has planets in opposite signs. Like Leo sun Aquarius moon, Libra moon Aries Sun insert whatever combination you choose. How does a Libra sun (balance in relationships) handle their Aries moon (Self)? How does Cancer Sun (Home) handle it’s Capricorn moon (Career)? I have a twist how does a Aries sun handle being in the 7th house( Libra ruled)? The dynamics of how it can play out is very fascinating. How does Leo’s need for praise respond to Aquarius individuality? I was asked today by a Virgo sun-Pisces moon how do you know which side to go with? I retold a story I heard on a show once that is said to be an Indian saying. “a grandfather told his grandson the story of 2 wolves. He said everyone has 2 wolves inside them a good wolf and a bad wolf. They are fighting each other. The grandson asked which wolf wins? The grandfather replied the one you feed.” I am sure this applies in this case as well which sign energy do you feed? The difference there is no good sign or bad sign it’s just different focus points. The trick is finding the proper balance and use of both. As in the Capricorn-Cancer finding a proper work home balance. The Sag-Gemini a proper balance between talking and listening. The Leo-Aquarius finds praise in their individuality. The person also asked if they would be the ride of the day. Well I been meaning to talking about this but your question made me finally put it down. I guess even though I didn’t speak about you individually you are still sort of the ride of the day!



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