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Taurus rules values and security. Taurus energy identify with the things they have and own. The sun represents our ego energy, clearly this guy was all up in his Taurus ego. He said he never heard the “all money is not good money” saying which really shocked me. “Of course crime” he said “but what do you mean?” I picked this guy up from a very nice high priced neighborhood I said let’s say there is a job for 100,000 but you hated the job and there is another job for 80,000 but you really liked the work which one would you take. The Taurus choose the 100,000. I said 20,000 is not worth going to do something you hated daily to me. Then I said what if there is a job for 100,000 but you can make 50,000 with your own company which one would you take? He said well “again I would take 100,000 but seeing your promotional flyer it’s safe to say which one you would choose.” Depending on how you see it that 50,000 on your own could actually be worth more than that 100,000. “How so?” Well for starters it’s yours and your putting energy toward your own project instead of someone else’s. I give energy to these rides but I also give energy to my own projects which takes precedent over these rides. Me making $20 off rides is worth way less then a $20 t-shirt. A $50 reading is worth way more than $50 in rides. Not only is it money towards my project I also have a good feeling of someone walking around with my shirt on. Is there any value in that? How about when I give a reading and I see someone just light up? It’s a powerful thing to introduce someone to themselves. Value? Lastly, this guy’s saturn is in Gemini (communication). He said he was the #1 salesman in the country for what ever he sold. I said being #1 salesman do you ever share your tricks of the trade? He said no, well if my friends ask I will help out. I said but they have to ask? Yes. Do you think being the #1 salesman you may have some valuable info to share? Yes. Enough that someone would pay for it? Yes. So you mean you can travel around like your already doing but instead of selling you could teach people to do it like you do it like? Yes, I probably could but I wouldn’t do that. Why? It doesn’t pay enough!



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