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You Got A Story To Tell

My last post was about Virgo energy then I left to do some rides. What are the chances The last ride would not only have 6 planets in Virgo but south node as well. She started telling me stories from the moment she got in the car after awhile I asked if she was a Sagittarius? No I am a Virgo turns out she is a Sag rising and that Virgo energy was concentrated in the 9th (Sag house) and conjunct her mid heaven. So what happened to this 68 year old lady in life with all that Virgo (the server) energy? She spent millions taking care of sick family members and now lives with her only daughter and family. Her daughter is a screen writer and son-in-law is a big time camera man who has shot footage on a few well known shows. If I said the names most would have heard. In the middle of the reading she stopped me and said “ my daughter asked me if I would like to go to therapy I said no, but wow this sure seems like one but your doing great continue .” Synchronicity- she refused therapy but then an astrologer appears. I explained Sag energy can be so positive that the shadow is they don’t like looking at negative. Therapy would bring up the negative so you said no. By the way Sag rules cinema and story telling. She is a Sag rising with all that 9th house energy around people who are in the industry but only helps support their life work. Which brings me to her north node in Pisces (the artist) sitting in the 3rd house of communications. I picked her up from the doctor she said she had ulcers. I said Virgo rules the intestines that is where Virgo intuition lies. What do you think happens when you ignore your intuition? I get ulcers? You tell me. but I will say this your soul came to communicate a story your 68 don’t die with your story still inside you. Let it out I bet the ulcers will go away. WOW I JUST LOVE YOU CAN I RIDE WITH YOU ALL DAY? Thanks but you have some work to do.



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