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I Know Virgo

I use to not notice things until after the fact. The best advice my brother has given me is “stay present” Thanks Big Bro Love ya! Why? He may not have known this part but the universe works in such a subtle way that if your not present you will miss it. Virgo is a 12 year old girl so virgo’s response is child like. Virgo has the ability to take the complex and present it in a simpler form. HUH? What does that mean? So on these rides I am usually bringing people to work or something work related being curious I usually ask what filed of work they are into. They say some complex name and then say what they actually do. My response is usually a simpler version of what they just said but fewer words. What really made this stick out was a lady was in town visiting her daughter who is almost finished with some book she is writing. This lady took about 10 minutes trying to explain to me what her daughter was doing, the idea behind it and how she is presenting it. After she finished I say so your daughter is writing a book about Blah and it’s set in Blah time period and she will use the back drop of Blah? Yes! Wow you did a better job then me explaining my own daughters book do you mind if I use that? No go right ahead! Now come to think about it I actually hear that a lot. “Do you mind if I use that?” Ohhhhhh that is what Virgo’s can take complex ideas and present them in child like form really means. If your having trouble understanding something complex ask someone with Virgo energy to break it down for you. To see sign energy at play you have to be present or you will miss it. Why the matrix practice fight scene? I know my Virgo! You do? Show me! By the way my big bro is a Pisces which is the opposite sign of Virgo and my Saturn (Life lesson) sits in my 12th house which is ruled by Pisces.



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