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To begin with astrology is not a parlor trick it’s math and science. She saw my promotional pamphlet in the back and said I want to be the ride of the day can you guess my sign? It doesn’t work like that sometimes listening to people talk I can get a feel and I will guess. We really haven’t been talking long enough for me to get a feel but if you pressed me for a answer I would guess Gemini or Sagittarius. No I am an Aries. I try to explain Aries to her every couple of words she would cut me off. I pull her chart Sag rising with a Sag moon I said remember you asked me to guess your sign and I said 2 signs do you remember what I said. Yes Gemini or Sag what does this say here? Now before I continue I want to tell you something about Sag energy you can have diarrhea of the mouth so if you want to hear what I have to say you have to stop cutting me off. OK! Of course that didn’t last long. She asked about relationships with a north node in the 7th house of relationships I am not surprised that is a struggle area but the kicker is it’s in the sign of Gemini (communication). The problem with her relationships is the balance of communication is off and being that she has 4 planets in Sag plus her rising and she keeps cutting me off it’s way off to her side. I say Gemini is the twins and rules communication because there is 2 sides to a conversation talking and listening. You are great at talking but you need to work on listening skills. Why do you think your best friend is a Gemini? She asked, Do you have anything positive things to say? I said all kinds of positive stuff about Sag and Aries. Don’t you remember me saying Sag are very positive and uplifting people? Yes but then I back doored that with they can be so positive that they can sugar coat the negative. You see there is a yin and yang to all energy with a Saturn in Scorpio she fears the shadow side. Positive? I just gave you the keys to having better relationships how could that not be positive? I think the relationships she has had tried to speak with her about problems in the relationship. She would either cut them off or put a positive spin on what they are saying. She is totally blindsided when they up and leave. They tried to tell you but you could not hear them because you were to busy talking. Youtube Run D.M.C’s “You Talk To Much.” Lastly, she (marketing manager) looked at my pamphlet and said this is good but I would make some changes. You didn’t hear my reply you just pushed (Aries) your opinion on me. The pamphlet actually did what it was supposed to do. You asked me about astrology I didn’t bring it up. It intrigued you enough to even request to be the ride of the day. Well you made it.



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