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Ties That bind

For the last 12 years I sat in a office by myself which allowed me to listen to countless hours of talk radio. With that being said, I am use to listening to people from afar which can make seeing the whole picture clearer. I think people are so use to telling the story they never really think or hear the story they are telling. This 70 year old lady tells me her 15 year old great grandson who has never met his father because of a 15 year prison bid said his step dad is his father. This lady is telling me her great grandson is wrong and should respect her first born grandson. So the step dad has taken care of him since he was a baby? Yes they are married and have other kids. She asked her great grandson where was his daddy? his reply was at work. Her grandson didn’t have a job so her reply was I was talking about your real daddy. His reply was that is my real daddy. The great grandson and her grandson are not getting along because dude is trying to be like I’m your daddy you got to listen to me and lillte dude is like you ain’t my daddy I don’t even know you. The grandson has even threaten the step dad to call his gang friends and do harm. I said just because you donated sperm don’t make you a father even a dog knows don’t bite the hand that feeds them. But there is more, the police was called to the house this weekend because the lady’s son and her grandson got into a fight. Her son was trying to tell the grandson something and he didn’t like it because “who does he think he is telling me something when he ain’t been in my life.” I stopped the lady said wait a minute, your great grandson is mad with his dad because he wasn’t there and your grandson can’t understand why but then turns around and gets into a fight with his dad because he wasn’t there? Your grandson has no house no car no job and is a ex-con the step dad has a house car job and has been taking care of him like he was one of his own kids all his life and you think your great grandson should respect that and is wrong? What you should hope is that your great grandson learns to break the cycle from repeating itself.



P.S I know I usually use this for astrology but it wasn’t mentioned at all. But astrology does address KARMA!

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