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The Warrior

To begin with I hope her students are crossing every T and dotting every I because she will catch everything. Having 5 planets in the sign of Virgo (I analyze) to say she may over analyze is probably a safe bet for this college english professor. So when we first started talking I had to ask her to repeat herself a few times because I couldn’t hear what she said. She was very soft spoken. She also writes a blog where she speaks about women’s rights. Having 3 or more planets in a sign or house = a stelluim. The way out of that energy is the opposite house or sign which makes her way out Pisces. Which happens to be her mothers sign. I said to her I find it interesting that your very soft spoken but in your writings you are fighting for women. I got chills when I pulled her chart and saw not only her Saturn in Aries (the warrior) but also her North Node in Aries (her dads sign). When she escapes into the world of Pisces (artist-her writing) her inner warrior comes alive. I bet her writings are very hard hitting and penetrating adding her Scorpio moon into the mix she becomes Zena the warrior princess. Of course when shown now she see’s the warrior. I say you need to find away to bring that warrior out of the writings into your everyday life. In other words out of the dream world (Pisces) down to earth (Virgo). Just by speaking to you in the beginning I couldn’t hear you because your warrior is stuck in the dream world.Can I ask you a question? Do you think you could be a little more warrior like in your everyday life? Yes! Hence your life and soul lesson. I told her to check out my blog, I hope I don’t get a email with my blogs marked up in red showing every grammatical error.


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