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This lady called a talk show, in her story she said she was 71 she quit drinking 14 years ago. I did some quick math in my head 57 I said out loud wow her 2nd Saturn return. The rider said what is that? I said it’s her 2nd fork in the road. The 1st is between 28-30, we all get 2 of them if you live long enough you might get a 3rd. It’s a trip how people’s Saturn has been relieving it’s self to me lately. What made this one interesting is this guy’s Saturn was in Pisces in the 9th house. What is his issue? Look at the many things Pisces represents then I looked what the things 9th house represents. Pisces=Spirituality 9th higher learning or beliefs turns out this guy didn’t believe in anything. He is very mental. He is a Gemini but it’s sitting in the fixed air 11th house. Side note ( Marketing Manager for online sales for some company) Gemini=spreading info 11th=internet. So this was not suppose to happen, how can a guy I never met just break me down like that? This is not what I thought astrology was it is suppose to be fake. I know these are thoughts going through his head because I asked him. He said he didn’t believe in any of this stuff. That is when it hit me damn Saturn in Pisces in 9th house meaning for him. In true Gemini fashion he starts peppering me with questions. Why and what type of questions? He was asking me placements and signs of stuff I said in his chart. I saw him typing stuff in his phone. This guy shot out the car couldn’t wait to get inside. I am willing to bet 1000 he sat up all night goggling stuff. By the way, I hope he is not scared off by what he finds his north node is in Scorpio.



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