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I made up a booklet with my contact info with a few of my ride of the day post and stuck them in those pockets on the front seat in the back. My plan worked out, this guy saw it and says my friend calls me a Gemius. What is that? I am a Gemini double Taurus. My friend did my chart. Oh really do you know your other planet placements? No let me call him. No need just got to this site and pull it up. His sun and moon are in his 1st house but his Sun is Gemini and his moon is Taurus. I start asking him question I would ask an Aries, which he agrees to pretty much all. To sum it up he is aggressive but it’s earth (Taurus) aggressive. The Gemini would make him aggressive with his words when ego is challenged. Which brings me to his Saturn (Life Lesson) in his 3rd house (Communication) sign of Cancer (feelings). His north node (Soul Lesson) is in 7th house (Relationships) sign of Scorpio. Now let’s tie all that together. His girlfriend is Scorpio and his astrologer friend who did his chart is a Scorpio rising his node energy. This guy was fired yesterday. He said he got into a argument with his boss. He wasn’t going let him do blah blah blah so he told him about it. Aries don’t back down from a fight. His life lesson is get control over his emotions (Cancer) when speaking (3rd house) with people. He has an aggression problem sun and moon in 1st house. He needs to learn how to balance that in relationships (7th house node). As of yesterday, he has not learned that lesson. This time it has cost him his job, I can only imagine what else it has cost him in his 42 years of living. Different astrologers have different styles, I try to get people to see the big picture not get bogged down in the finer details. I think he has a different perspective of his chart now. I didn’t think about it until I drove off but this guy got dropped off at the pawn store. He said something about picking up his heat. I sure hope he ain’t thinking of going postal. JS


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