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All of the other rides of the day was about the rider. Well this one is different it’s about me. The rider was having phone problems I had a suggestion her response was I don’t know why I didn’t think of that your a “Genius.” My response was “yeah I have heard that a few times.” She laughs then I had to say no I am serious. You see I have a grand trine in air which is intellect. “What’s a grand trine?” It’s like a god given gift but it’s so ingrained in you that you could not be aware you have it and become lazy with it. “What does that mean?” Well let’s just say when I am in the moment and not thinking of anything else I am a open vessel. When people talk to me my response to them will usually be something they didn’t think of. “I had my chart done by someone they sent me my info.” Do you know your 3 majors? “No but I will show you.” So I glance at the chart at the red light. I really like when people have their chart they are already a little familiar and I don’t have to break down the basics. I proceed to give her a quick break down of what I saw. We arrive at the destination she says “The other astrologer didn’t explain it like that. You are a GENIUS!” To be fair other astrologers have different styles and points of view. I think me being a virgo helps me explain the chart to make it understandable. Virgo is not a 21 year old virgin it’s a 12 year old virgin. When you speak to virgo’s their response is child like. Also Virgo is the sign of perfection, Virgo’s never really know how good they are at doing something because they see their flaws. Other people have to tell virgo’s how good they are at something because they never will see it on their own. Why the post? I just was taking notice of how I played the clean up man to someone else’s work in 10mins. Enough to get the Genius validation from the rider as she stepped out.



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