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With this being so close to valentines day might as well bring a couples ride of the day. I have done enough of these now that something has jumped out to me. As I am saying what the chart is telling me the other persons response is “I tell you that all the time” or “the glance of “I told you so.” What does this tell me? People are more in tune with the people that are close to them then we all realize. Maybe people are just to close to take heed to their advice. Now here is this stranger you never met looking at a bunch of symbols and lines on a page telling you the same exact stuff. How does that happen? Another thing that stands out to me is that you didn’t just randomly meet at the party or school or however you 2 ended up together. They are helping you on your journey to evolve. Every sign has it’s opposite or yang energy. Pisces (her) Yin to Virgo (him) yang. He helps ground her she helps him loosen up. Her Saturn (Life lesson) in the 6th house which is ruled by virgo. She is also 29 in the middle of her Saturn return. His Saturn sign is in his 5th house which is ruled by Leo his wife is a Leo rising. He also has a Stellium (large concentration of energy) in his 5th. She is teaching him his 5th house. His way out of that is through the Aquarius 11th house (detachment). Her mercury (thoughts) is Aquarius. They are showing each other the way if they would only pay attention to what the other is saying. To learn a energy you have to see it in action. That action is the people around you. If you KNOW THYSELF you will have a good idea why the people in your circle are in your circle. What are you suppose to be taking from them and vice versa. This doesn’t just go for romantic relationships. You are in your own personal movie. The other people are just players in your movie. Who are the main supporting and just extras players in your movie?


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