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Cradle Robber

I don’t intend to have a astrology convo with everyone different things trigger it. When people talk about how and what they do it usually will trigger me to ask because I am getting a feel of a sign so I just would like to know if I am right. It is also very cool when people already are familiar with their chart. I had to ask because she mentioned she was dating someone 20 years her senior at 26. I wanted to know why astrologically that is what triggered me asking about her chart and she already had it. At first glance it jumped out to me Aries Sun (ego) in the 10th house which is the Capricorn house. She is also a Cancer rising which makes her descendant (relationship house) Capricorn as well. Capricorn is structure discipline goals hard work which fits a older male. Guys mature later then females, If she is attracted to Capricorn energy she will not find that maturity in someone her same age. Her north node (soul lesson) is also Capricorn in the 6th house (Virgo ruled) her guy is a 46 year old (Capricorn) Virgo (6th house). She also stated that she had a Cancer best friend that is studying astrology. The reason that is your friend your rising sign (public mask) and her ego connect on the cancer energy. Wow, I was suppose to take an earlier flight but I changed it, this is weird it feels like I was supposed to hear this. The word you are looking for is synchronicity.


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