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Energy Vampires

I heard on a webinar once that AA is full of water signs Cancer Pisces and Scorpio. A lady and her dad come in town to pick up a new car. She says she just got out of rehab. Now I have to ask her birthday. Cancer it is with an Aries moon. I explained the signs to her at the end I said Cancer people can be empaths you need to watch out for energy vampires (people dumping their problems on her and sucking off her good energy). She starts laughing that is going to be hard because I am a therapist people tell their problems for a living. I figure by time she leaves work she is so full of peoples negative energy she didn’t protect herself or doesn't know how to release it so she drank to numb it. The dad ex air force pilot was a Gemini rising Libra sun in the 5th and virgo moon and north node in the 4th (Cancer house). Remember daughter is a Cancer and Aries moon which happens to be the opposite sign of Libra. What was interesting his south node is in 10th Capricorn house which can be military. His Saturn sign was in the 12th Pisces house and his daughter north node was Pisces. Her mom and his ex wife is a Pisces. Lastly, his 5th house (short love relationships) sun in Libra (rules relationships) must really had him liking the ladies. She was 1 of 6 and not for the same lady. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY P.S the therapist said I did a really good job and looks like she has some astrology studying to do. 

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