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We quickly bonded over tee shirt’s we both do our own designs but we do it differently. She is on Amazon and let’s another company do the work and give her a piece back. I found this interesting because we both have the same set up. She is a Pisces rising Aries moon and Aquarius sun in the 12th house which is ruled by Pisces. Her chart screams the arts Pisces energy can be artist of some type. Her mercury (Mind) is also Pisces and her Jupiter (expansion) is in her 5th house of creativity. Aquarius rules technology and she sells are items through the internet. I noted she has the same set up as me but she lets others sell and press her designs, well here is why. Her saturn (life lesson) is in Pisces in her 1st house of self. Her north node (soul lesson) is in the 2nd house (security and values) Taurus. She needs to learn how to be the warrior (Aries-1st house) when it come to her creations. She has a problem asking for the value of her work north node in 2nd house Taurus. To learn a energy you need to see it in action and she has been seeing her lessons in action for a long time now. She has a Aries son and mother and a Taurus daughter trying to show her the way. In evolutionary astrology Pluto represents unconscious issues held within the soul. It’s interesting to me that her Pluto is in the 7th house of relationships which is ruled by Libra. Libra loves balance in relationships so her soul issue is to bring balance back to her relationships. Her business relationships are totally out of balance when asking for her worth with her creations. Funny thing with an Aries moon she actually has access to that warrior energy she needs to turn it on when asking for her worth. Lastly, she shared a incident with me that happened early in life that could have led to the struggle to regain balance in relationships. Her south node is in her 8th house which rules death taxes sex and other peoples money. It was one of those. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY  

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