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Thug Life

You ever talk about someone and next thing you know they call text or you run into them? That had just happened to this guy. They was having a convo on how could that happen so I jumped in to explain how. That is what led to me pulling his chart up. Virgo rising Leo sun in the 11th in opposition to a Aquarius moon in the 5th house. His north node in 4th Capricorn Saturn in 9th with a grand trine in air. So what does all that mean? Air is intellect. Grand trine is a God given gift that is powerful but you may not even use it, your like lazy with it. Aquarius is the genius sign and he has 2 Aquarius signatures with his moon being Aquarius and his sun being in the 11th house which Aquarius rules. Oh don’t forget he can be a bit of a perfectionist being that he is a virgo rising. What I am trying to say is according to his birth chart is very smart. What does this smart guy do? Well he is 46 and has been trapping (selling mostly weed) for 30 years. Here is where it gets interesting. The 9th house rules higher learning but his saturn (Lesson) is there. He has been going to truck driving school. I asked him how it’s been going. He said” I just got to take the test.” I said why haven't you? “well I been practicing.” How has that going? “I been doing alright I may miss 1 or 2 questions but I score like 90’s.” Sounds like your ready to me? “Naw on the real test they throw trick questions in there I got to be ready for those.” He is ready ya’ll he needs to get over his Saturn in the 9th. Lastly, his north node (soul lesson) is in the 4th house of home family and roots. His soul wants the family life but all his relationships end because what woman wants to stay in a trap house! The key to him having what his soul really wants is taking that test. If he is driving trucks he doesn’t have to trap and when he gets off the road there will be someone there waiting on him. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY

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