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Night Light

From their convo I could tell he was a director and she was a writer discussing making changes to some project. I asked his opinion on shooting videos he answered then asked what would I be filming. I said I was thinking about astrology videos and it was on from there. He was a Taurus with a Gemini moon which makes sense for a director. Taurus ruled by venus (art and beauty) Gemini communication, he communicates a message through film. She was a Cancer rising sun in Pisces 9th house and her Saturn and moon in Scorpio in the 5th (creativity). Being that she had all that water she was very empathic. She could pick up vibes off people and probably used this in her writing. Her sun being in the 9th house of the story tellers and publishers but it’s Pisces energy. I told her to pay attention to her dreams being a Pisces.”That’s so strange I was just telling my friend about my dreams.” Her moon being in the 5th house says she is highly creative but her saturn is also there which can represent blockage but it in Scorpio. Scorpio loves the deep dark shadowy side. Are you scared of the dark stuff? “Yes, I had a bad experience.” It’s nothing to be scared of. “Why do you say that?” Do you know what would happen if we had 24 hrs of sun light? “No” everything would burn up and we would die. Do you know what would happen if we had 24 hrs of darkness? “No” nothing would grow and we would freeze to death. So if we need a balance of both Light and Dark. So should you be scared of the dark? I guess I shouldn’t be. Guess what you might find in the dark? “I don’t know.“ Your hit screen play! KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY  

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