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It’s funny how the universe works. I told my brother a long time ago, according to his chart he should be able to see colors around people. On Monday I was sitting in front of a white wall and all of a sudden it kicked in he saw my colors. As my subjects changed my colors would change, we had a convo about colors and meanings. Dougall Fraser who reads peoples Aura’s was on Hayhouse radio this morning and he was talking to a caller. A rider asked what I was listening to I explained who he was and what he was doing. Do you believe that? Yes! Is it Light or dark? It is light! How do you know? I look in the mirror in her eyes and ask do you really want to know? She says yes. It comes down to beliefs which is only a thought you keep thinking over and over again. Most people are giving their beliefs they don’t choose it. If you was born in another zip code you would actually believe something else. Your beliefs have just been reinforced by your surroundings. So you have a certain set of beliefs using your beliefs do you think Jesus could see Aura’s? Yes! Do you have a sibling? Yes! Can they do something you can’t do? No! Did Jesus say we are his brothers and sister’s? No he didn’t say that it’s in the bible BLAH BLAH. I tried cutting her off but then she accused me of getting argumentative. I said Miss you are getting bogged down with the who said what that your missing the point plus you asked me why I believe it I didn’t ask you. Ok finish. 2 dogs can’t make a cat 2 birds don’t make a frog. According to the bible if I am his brother than I can do as he does. People can see Aura’s and no it’s not dark. It’s funny to me how I suddenly became argumentative when I tried to use her beliefs to paint a different picture. How dare me! How can seeing the color yellow red blue etc around someone be dark or evil?



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