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Oozing Sex

To begin with to each their own it doesn’t matter to me what you like “Do you.” Now from the first moment this person got into the car she just oozed sex. I didn’t realize at first she could have been he at sometime. It started off with just little chitchat then turned to compliments on my looks. You look like a nice clean-cut businessman. “I Am”. What kind of business do you have? I’m an Astrologer and that is where the convo flipped. She was a Gemini I talked about that energy. Then she asked about 2 other signs Scorpio and Taurus. Here is what I found fascinating. I pulled up her chart she was a Scorpio rising Capricorn moon but her moon was in the Taurus ruled 2nd house. Her mom just happened to be a Taurus as well, which is her life lesson. Her Saturn (life lesson) is Capricorn in the 2nd house. Her north node (soul lesson) Aquarius in the 4th house (home family roots) and her dad is Aquarius. Her lesson was learning not to care what her family thinks of her sexually. One of the things Scorpio rules is sex and being that’s her rising sign this is why when she got in the car it just oozed out. Also she is a Gemini but her sun is in the Scorpio ruled 8th house so she talks about sex. I also told her about how Capricorn’s can be extremely driven or lazy and criminals. The ironic thing is I don’t know where someone is going I just follow the maps. This ride just happened to end at the courthouse which was a oh damn moment for me. She tried one more flirtatious gesture before she got out but I hit her with “Hey Scorpio loves power and money and Capricorn can reach any goal they decide on. Sex is not your only way to get this power. Didn’t you say you had a job? You actually have the ability to be the boss at that place all you have to do is decide you want it. Have a great day! Lastly, she is 28 in the middle of her first Saturn return and she runs into an astrologer on her way to the courthouse that tells her to accept her sexuality and be a boss. How’s that for synchronicity KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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