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For starters it is so refreshing when someone knows their 3 majors without it being looked up. This rider was deaf but had to 2 hearing people with her. She used sign language to communicate. We didn’t have a very deep conversation because it was a short ride. I explained her 3 majors in some depth as the person in back signed what I was saying. So why is this the ride of the day? Yes I have studied astrology but that is words on a page the ride of the day is when those words are displayed in real life in a interesting form to me. She got in the car with a big yellow case, come to find out they are media headed to cover the Falcons game. Here is the reason she is the ride of the day and how energy is displayed. She is a Gemini (communication) rising and she works for a media company. She is a Taurus sun in the 12th house. Taurus can be artist and 12th house rules photography. She was the camerawoman and photography is a form of art. Lastly, she is an Aries moon in the 11th house. The 11th house rules technology. The media company they work for is a online digital platform bringing news and other things to deaf blind and other disabled people. Camerawoman for an online media company which is an representation of her 3 majors. Finally, what I really found interesting Taurus rules the throat and Gemini rules the arms and hands. She couldn’t hear or speak and has to use her hands (sign language) and her camera to communicate. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY Just thought of this: Taurus rules the 5 senses without hearing and speaking, I wonder if her other senses is off the charts sensitive. 🤔 

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