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They looked like 2 young assistants with an older boss, which led to the moment. The guy sat in the front with to ladies in back. He was a Gemini I proceeded to tell him about Gemini which he agreed. Then I went to the older lady in the back who was a controlling Libra. As I was talking about Libra the guy in front kept looking back at the lady smiling. Now I am thinking he must know her really well or told her some of these things. When I went to the other young lady in the back that is when the Oh damn moment happened. She was an Aries but when I was asking her Aries questions she wasn’t feeling it. I start thinking maybe her Saturn is Aries as well it might be causing a blockage. Before I go there I ask for her mother’s birthday to get a read on her moon sign. That’s when the older lady says I am the mother! Oh damn I said she must be a Libra moon or have some planets in her 7th house. Although her ego wants to be the warrior unfortunately she took the other side of Libra from her mom, which is non-confrontational. She has a tug of war going on inside her Aries is the opposite sign of Libra (I am vs we). She wants to be the warrior but scared of pissing people off. Can you blame her living with a controlling Libra who gets pissed off when people don’t do what they think they should. Of coarse the mom is distinguishing the daughters fire. I asked if she had any other kids an Aquarius and Virgo. I told the mom kids are here to teach us. You can’t control anybody that is why you have a Gemini that questions everything, A Virgo that analyzes everything you say, An Aquarius who loves independence and does their own thing, and your opposite an Aries who will fight your ass eventually. All that to show you detachment you can’t control them as soon as you stop trying you will find the balance you really seek in your relationships. I am not saying don’t parent your kids but put it out there and let it go. As I helped with the bags the mother slid me a balled up $20 and said thanks for the ride! KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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