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Got To Express My Uniqueness

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The universe is awesome! What are the chances of me running into 2 Capricorn risings with the same intercepted signs in the same houses? The 1st and 7th houses is the area the signs Aquarius-Leo energy affected. An intercepted sign is a blockage of that energy. Your early life didn’t give you the ability to deal with the qualities of the sign energy involved in the area (House) the interception falls in. In this case these 2 have problems with their Leo (Attention) energy in relationships and their Aquarius (Uniqueness) energy when it came to them. What really made it fascinating 1 male 1 female and both show the yin and yang of this interception particularly Leo. The male I ask how balanced are your relationships? “Not to balance come to think about it. “ Are you the center of attention? “Yes!” How was your early home life? “ I’m a only child.” I don’t need to go any further in explaining why he struggles with his Leo in relationships. The female I ask how balanced are your relationships? ”I’m so tired of being treated like a doormat! I never got attention from my now ex husband.” Did you ever do any activities in your relationships that you wanted to do? “No it was always what he wanted to do. I wanted to spend time with him I wanted him to be happy so I would do the things he wanted to do.” She blocks her wants, wishes, desires, fun and the attention (Leo) in her relationships. Astrology is Dope! Energy is Dope! You hear this sign rules this and that and this. You hear this house rules this and that and this. What makes it fascinating both people clearly has access to the same energy. The male is over emphasized Leo he needs to bring it down a few notches and look at his fiancée and say honey did you need something? The female has under emphasized Leo she needs to pump up the volume on her Leo. She needs to speak up to her wants needs and desires in her relationships so she can get the attention she so desperately craves. My cousin Wayne use to always say “Closed mouths don’t get fed cuz!”



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