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Player Haters

“Damn my flight has been delayed. “ That’s a good thing. “How so?” Now you can stop rushing get to the terminal get some coffee answer some emails and relax. “I like that positive spin on it.” I try to find the good, I am a believer of Law of attraction. “What’s that?” We are a magnet. We attract the vibe we give off, so I try to get into a good space before I leave for the day. “I wish these player haters would do the same.” Player haters? Yes people hating on my success. When is your B-Day? “I am a Taurus. “Oh Taurus rules security and values judging by that comment I bet the things you have and the things you own are important to you. Yes they are. I said are you sure it’s player hating you do know people value you different things. I see you’re a Sagittarius moon. I ask a few Sag questions in which he agrees to them all. His wife is a non-confrontational Libra I figure she is the reason the relationship is still together. Why does he think people are player hating on him? Sagittarius energy loves to talk and even have diarrhea of the mouth. This Taurus sun probably talks about the things he has and the things he owns and his money that people are tired of hearing about it. He perceives this frustration of hearing him talk his stuff that he takes it as hating his success and not just hate him running his mouth about it. I bet if he stops talking about his stuff long enough to give someone else a chance to talk that person he thinks is a hater actually has more than him they just don’t talk about it. The things they have and own are not who you are Taurus it’s just stuff. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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