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Our kids our teachers

It is said that our kids are here to show us the way but the problem is we fight it because we think it’s the opposite way. Yes we show our kids how society works but they show us they doorway to our own growth. 1 mother 5 kids each kid is an aspect of her chart. She is a Libra sun Leo rising with her Saturn (Life Lesson) in Leo 1st house. She also has her North Node (Soul Lesson) in her 4th house Scorpio. 1st kid Aries which rules the 1st house (Saturn in her 1st house). Next 2 kids are Leo’s which is her rising sign and the sign we all need to embrace. Next kid is Scorpio the sign of her north node and last kid is a Cancer which rules the 4th house (North node in 4th house). The key to her growth is right in front of her face. I have noticed the energy that bothers us is actually the energy we need to learn that is why it bothers us and is put in front of our face to poke us. If she learns her kids energy take on an aspect of each of them she will be amazed how smoother her life will seem. This is why knowing thyself is so important. You will know why the same situations keep popping up. If you know the why your reaction to it just may change. Which is how we evolve. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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