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Aquarius Chef?

By now after a few minutes of talking I start to get a feel of someone’s sign energy. To be totally honest I am surprised when I am right on guesses and I have been challenged a few times to guess. Ha Ha nope you are wrong then turns out to be their moon or rising sign. This one threw me for a second he was a Chef. I have met a few chef’s either Cancer or Taurus both signs tend to be foodies. Cancers like because food is a way to nourish the body. Taurus rules the 5 senses and taste is 1 of the 5 senses. This chef was an Aquarius. How does that happen I am thinking. How does his Aquarius show up? What other energy is pushing him to cook? Turns out he is a Pisces moon. Pisces energy can be the artist and this chef is not cooking he is creating art from the taste of the dish to how it sits on the plate. “If it looks pretty on the plate your going to want to eat it.” Ok so how does his Aquarius show up? So I ask hey Aquarius people are freedom loving and non-conformist they don’t really like following rules and systems do you feel that way? Yes, I don’t like following recipes I like doing my own thing. Well how does that workout I thought most places you had to follow recipes. “Well I am sous chef. “What is that? “2nd in command I only answer to the head chef and he gives me my freedom to do what I want.” How did you manage to get that freedom?” I cooked it their way first then said try mine. I just like to be different (Aquarius).” After finding out what sous chef meant that made sense Pisces energy likes to partner with power. They like being the man behind the man. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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