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It’s been a few days since I posted a ride of the day and this was the last of the day. It’s one thing to talk about a Saturn lessons and Saturn return but what made this one interesting is His was hitting today. We started off talking about Virgo but when I found out his age being 29 I figured he had to be somewhere close to his Saturn return so I looked him up. His Saturn is in Capricorn so I ask “ Is something going on with your career?” Wow this is crazy yes there is. I was offered a position at work but my Uncle opened a new location of his business and asked if I want to run it. I have to make my decision today. I didn’t ask him which one he was going to choose but whichever one he does choose it will be life changing. This is the reason for the post. I heard and went through my own Saturn return but to see someone at the fork the road was fascinating to me. It’s a big clock his clock just struck 12 with the bells sounding off. His sun is Virgo and Mercury is Libra he is probably sitting in his house over analyzing it (Virgo) and keep going back and forth like the scales (Libra). Air signs can be indecisive so I figure it’s going to be a down to the wire decision. Lastly, his moon is also in Capricorn so his decision is taking a toll on him emotionally. It just may be a sleepless night for this brother.



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