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Tug a War

What started off as a conversation on news as in media ended up as a more interesting convo for both of us. Of coarse interesting to me because of how someone’s chart energy is displayed. He was introduced to himself, which made for in his words best Uber ride ever. To begin with he is surrounded by Mars energy. His mom wife and him are all Aries and his sister is a Scorpio, which Mars also rules, in ancient astrology. He says man my wife and I can have some knock down drag out fights it’s because they both are Aries they butt heads like rams until one says uncle. Then he says Aries is probably what makes me a lawyer? Not really maybe helps you fight in your cases but it’s probably something else. That something else turned out to be having a Libra moon (the scales of justice). Here is the twist he is a non-confrontational Libra and a Controlling Libra depending work or personal life. When he is at work he is a controlling Libra and he uses his Aries energy to fight for others. Personal life he is non-confrontational probably being surrounded by all that Mars energy in his personal life there could have been a lot of arguing in the household. He developed an I am tired of arguments I just want peace at all cost at home. Funny thing his north node is in Cancer (home family roots) it also rules the emotional body, which he needs to get in touch with. This is why he is surrounded by so much Mars energy because if any sign can push your buttons it’s Aries and Scorpio. Lastly, Aries and Libra are opposite signs his ego and emotions are in a tug a war with each other. Which one do you think is winning? If anyone needs to learn to balance his energy it’s this guy. KNOW THYSELF BALANCE YOUR ENERGY 

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